Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Kindergartners' Truths: February

My kindergartners' truths:

Stickers are cool.

Everything looks beautiful if colored "like a rainbow."

Getting caught playing around in the bathroom has *nothing* to do with that word the teacher keeps telling us about: acoustics. Nope, the teacher is just magic. Really!

Fairies live in our classroom. The Untie-the-Shoe Fairy, the Hiccup Fairy, and the Desk Fairy are only a few of our regular visitors.

Play-dough is awesome. So are boogers. And scabs.

Teachers forget waaaaayyyy too many things- proof? They always ask "which color is this? What is this number? What sound does this letter make?"

Teachers don't just love apples. Chocolate and coffee- total faves.

Glitter makes everything an incredible piece of art.

CRAYON sharpeners? *The* *coolest* *invention* EVER.

Shaking our sillies out= serious business.

Moms and Dads love our handwriting papers, but we'd rather build cool rocket ships out of blocks, checkers, paper, old shoe boxes, ANYTHING!

Markers are preferable to colored pencils. Colored pencils are preferable to regular pencils. Either the shortest pencil or the tallest pencil are preferable to the medium sized pencils in our desk caddies.


The list goes on and on...

And I *love* the list.


...of course, if they start being quiet in the bathroom, all Stealth-mode... how will I know when they're playing around?


  1. Oh my gosh, this was wonderful! You are exactly right....it made me laugh. I really enjoy your blog. I teach dance to children.

  2. Hi Caren, thanks for dropping by my blog! I have a few students who take dance class and they are a joy to watch when they "shake their sillies out!"


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