Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye Messy Desk, Hello Cool Stuff!

Glass of soda...check. Computer...check. Tons of mail, correspondence, addresses to save from Christmas cards...check. Re-writeable c.d.'s...check. Magazines, banners, and ziploc bags full of craft pins...check.

Elbow room... Elbow room...

Elbow room?

Time to clean the mess and reclaim my desk!

Paring it all down...then arranging the essentials:

MUCH better!


*~Cool~* stuff:

~ PhotoJoJo tells you how to Make Your Own 3-D Camera for $15 or Less

~ Popular Mechanics helps you Build a Bat Cave With Hidden Rooms (many thanks to the AntiCraft Blog for sharing the link!)

~ Candice shares a tutorial for adding trim to crepe paper (make sure to click "next" on each of the screens near the top of each photo to move step by step through the process)


  1. I love the pen lazy suzan thing.

  2. I love the pen/marker carousel too! Where'd you find it? Right now I wish I had a desk... things are in transition. Since I got married & moved into the new house (last Aug.) I've been using a T.V. stand for a temporary desk. Every weekend I've been looking online & in the stores for a new desk... the one from the old house was too small & totally inadequate for the amount of "teacher stuff" I keep at home.

  3. I found my pen organizer at a consignment ship locally but the tag on the bottom of it reads.........

    Pottery Barn!

    Whoo hoo!



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