Friday, November 14, 2008

Wonderful World of Randomness

Because there's no rhyme or reason to what caught my eye (and ear) this week...

1) My students ~*love*~ this song:

2) Edible...Pilgrim...Hats (many thanks to Michelle at Scribbit!)

3) Kelli shares how to make corn husk dolls at There is No Place Like Home

4) The EduBlog Awards are now open for nominations (categories include: Best Individual Blog, Best Group Blog, Best New Blog, Best Resource Sharing Blog, Most Influential Blog Post, Best Teacher Blog, Best Librarian/Library Blog, Best Educational Tech Support Blog, and more!) so read, blog, and nominate your favorites!

5) A Storybook Life shares Prim Gumdrop Ornaments (no, they're not edible, just very CUTE!)

6) Doug at Borderland is a great read (as usual) with Assessments for Learning, advocating "for high quality assessments that offer quality feedback to teachers and students, parents, and policy makers." And he's right, "classrooms at every level should be more like kindergarten."

7) Mrs. T. at Chucheria posted a video about compassion that hit a nerve with me today, in all the right ways:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend~

...and before you can count to one, two, three I'm *up for the pumpkin pie!*

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