Saturday, November 22, 2008

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!

In this corner, not a turkey, cornucopia or cluster of maize in sight:

While in this corner, a lone cornucopia, autumn quilt, and honeycomb turkey are slowly herded out by snowy border and a bare staple board:

December is a short month, so I stretch the room's seasonal decor and student displays with a winter forest theme instead of just winter holidays:

I cut large trees in green, light blue, and white off-the-roll paper...

...and use the larger scraps to make smaller trees for my students:

I stapled two trees together and stuffed them with tissue paper or coffee filters (which can be re-used for other crafts at a later date):

I love how the happy colors peek through:

Then I added some fiesta fringe (I find rolls of it in the gift-wrap section of stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby):

And voila! Three stuffed paper trees...

...which join the plain trees, as well as the patterned trees my students made (here's purple/white/blue/purple/white/blue):

Now our math board looks like this:

Our hallway board looks like this:

... and as soon as these dry, we'll have a touch of winter glitter to add to the forest:


The Stars used red glitter too! Check back tomorrow to see what they made!

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  1. Vanessa4:10 PM

    Thanks for sending home all of the the turkey crafts. Now our home looks even more ready for turkey day!


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