Thursday, August 21, 2008

What My Super Stars Learn About Me

Meeting the teacher is a stressful and yet strangely exciting event. Getting to KNOW the teacher during the first few weeks of school is an amazing process for students and their parents as well. My Super Stars and I are almost at the end of the second week of school...what have they learned about me?

~ I love to sing and dance. I use the melody of the "Happy Birthday" song for just about anything (this week it was for our color days: "Happy Purple Day to you, Happy Purple Day to you, Happy Purple Day Dear Super Stars...Happy Purple Day to you!"), and I enjoy relaxing, instrumental music playing in the background as my "white noise" or soothing "static."

~ That I can recognize most of my Super Stars' voices by now, even when we're in a darkened planetarium, or I'm standing outside in the hallway waiting for my students to finish using the restrooms.

~ That I don't think shouting makes you right, it just makes you LOUD.

~ My favorite smell in the air is freshly peeled bananas (yellow day certainly helped them figure that one out!).

~ That *I* won't forget our classroom rules.

~ That my computer is somehow linked to their parents *knowing things* that have happened at school.

~ That I make mistakes, and that I appreciate help.

~ That I have clothes, jewelry and accessories that "go" with any color.

~ That if Mrs. Sommerville doesn't pick her nose, wipe it all over the carpet or worse yet, *eat it*, then neither should any Super Star.

~ That whining is one of my least favorite sounds, and tantrum throwing won't make me change my mind.

~ I make extra copies of activities, just in case a total goof happens with scissors.

~ I'm good at repairing glasses.

~ That I believe kindergarten is for **practice**, NOT perfection.

~ My toenails match my fingernails.

~ My favorite kindergarten book is Where the Wild Things Are.

~That I'm glad to see my Super Stars every day.

~ That I'm not just a teacher, I'm a mommy too ("Oh MAN!" is usually the response I get to that tidbit, often from a precocious boy who realizes he's not going to be able to sneak things by me).

~ I really like letter sounds and practicing counting.

~ That sometimes I wear my hair "up" and sometimes I wear it "down" but it's still me each day, even if my hair looks different.

~ I keep band-aids in my desk.

~ I like to hear manner words...often.

What do your students learn about you?


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  1. No time for a long one now. Kids in 15 minutes BUT I LOVED this. My favorite book EVER from when I was a child is Where the Wild Things Are.


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