Friday, August 22, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

It's Parent-Teacher Conference Day today!

I'm looking forward to hearing what my Super Stars' parents will share with me, and of course, I'm excited to be able to provide them with information from preliminary assessments. I've checked/assessed the following:

~ Hand dominance and pencil grip

~ Ability to identify:

*Letter names (uppercase/lowercase)

*Letter sounds



*Numbers (0-9, OUT of order)

~ Ability to extend or create original patterns

~ Knowledge of personal safety information (can a student recite his/her name, address, phone number)

...and of course, the biggie: BEHAVIOR.


Conferences require balance, patience, enthusiasm, sincerity, inquisitiveness, humor, and the ability to recover if one "stumbles." Thank goodness flowery tights and theatrical make up are not conference essentials!

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