Tuesday, August 12, 2008

They Answered My Question

I've become addicted to watching TED Talks lately. I've been addicted to reading Mamacita's thoughts for over a year now.

Sir Ken Robinson answers a question, a pondering I had quite a while back, about whether or not public education today (with the drill and kill for state assessments) was squashing or killing students' creativity. Mamacita addresses the same topic, in her blunt and brilliant way.

In his presentation (which is humorous and charming), Sir Ken reminds the audience that educators of young children should "educate their whole being." Intelligence is "diverse, dynamic, and distinct," and "creativity is as important as literacy."

The clip is twenty minutes long- sit back, listen, think.

By the way, Mamacita (Scheiss Weekly) has moved- I'll update my blogroll this weekend, but you can now find her here.

Thank you Sir Ken, thank you Mamacita.


  1. Thank you so much for those kind words, Michaele.

  2. I'm back on the computer!! yah!! Its nice to catch up on your blog!!! Laurie

  3. Hi! Came across your blog and absolutely love it! Your classroom looks great and I love your "Kissing Hand" cookies! I will add you to my blogroll...I look forward to reading more!! :)

  4. Thanks for this you tube video. I will link to you and post it too so all the people who read my blog see it too. Thanks!


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