Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going Around in Circles

As organized as I try to be at work and at home, once our family has to relocate, the packers, however nice and polite they may be, seem to think it's GAME ON.

Boys, I made you all lunch, three days in a row. Granted, the first day was pizza, but hey, day two was homemade sub sandwiches. We certainly kept the fridge stocked with Gatorade, water and soda so you wouldn't dehydrate or run out of energy. We even pushed Otter Pops on you when the temp got unbearable!

So would you mind telling me where my dining room chair pillows are? How about half of my Somerset magazines (that were all in one spot when you started)? The receiver for our cordless phone? Because the way things are going, I'm thinking I'm not going to find these things until I open my SCHOOL-SUPPLIES-THAT-HAVEN'T-SEEN-THE-LIGHT-OF-DAY-IN-OVER-A-YEAR that *you* opened and "re-boxed" because of some packer/moving company policy.

Soon-to-be-teaching-colleagues, I'll apologize right now for any outbursts of exasperation you might hear coming from my new classroom two weeks from now. It's not you, and no, I'm not some psycho hose beast. I've just finally found my crochet hooks~ in exactly the furthest location from where they originated in our home.

Darn packers.


My finger and toenails are happy this morning. After enduring two weeks without a mani-pedi, I gave in, removed what little polish was left on them last night, buffed, filed, and polished with a non-summer color. MUCH better now. Yes Bev, you read that right: my nails were in disrepair for two weeks! Nope, I didn't go looking for an emergency bottle of polish for the chips and nicks either. Scary, huh?


With the repairs and modifications we're having to do to the rental, we're stuck, shuffling boxes and piles around and around and around as we get each new area designated, arranged, and decorated. The upstairs is nearly done, but the only reason why is because the downstairs still looks like a bomb hit it. My desk is upstairs, along with most of my crafty stash that was stored beneath it in Texas... but it will be clutter free when what I hope will be my crafting area is set up and ready downstairs.

Now if I could only find my three remaining ribbon boxes.

Maybe I should have made the packers extra cookies. Lesson learned.


  1. Ah! Hugs! I don't envy the stress of all that right now. Moving is a headache, no matter what the circumstance. Hopefully you will find your things sooner rather than later. If not, maybe it warrants a fun shopping trip????

  2. See? I *do* know the right people! They suggest therapeutic shopping excursions at exactly the right moment!

    Mwuah Shauna!


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