Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gutter and Balloon Animal Services

I hope you enjoyed greeting the surprises in our rental yesterday! To continue on with our housing adventure...

On Day Three of being back in Oz, Mother Nature gave us a rainstorm, followed by a hailstorm. I didn't mind either as we were inside and the show was a change from the usual tumbleweed/dirt storms experienced in Texas. And look at all of that *green!*

Do you remember me mentioning the duct taped gutters yesterday? Apparently the duct tape was merely a cosmetic issue, the real problem easily obscured by the fact that I couldn't see INTO the gutters themselves from the ground. From out of our bedroom windows, we could hear what sounded like a flood, coming off of our roof, more intense than the rain and hail itself that was falling. When we looked out the windows, we saw two rivers of water being shot up and out away from the house four or five feet before hitting the ground. With special lighting and Liberace playing piano, we would have had our own Vegas Water Show!

Sigh. Maybe not. I don't have the epaulets for that kind of production.

Anywhoo...the gutters were clogged, plugged, full of who-knows-how-many-years'-worth of debris.

And the in-my-opinion hazardous exposed fiberglass insulation garage? Flooded.

Another call was made to the property manager, and after this pearl, "Oh, it's normal for the garages around here to flood," he actually produced a ray of hope: he called a Gutter Service/Repairman to come out and clean the gutters.

While Dear Husband made plans to seal the walls of the garage himself (and wowzer, can I just tell you how SMELLY, horribly NOXIOUS the fumes from sealant are?), Walt arrived. Walt got on top of the roof, and cleaned out what he called our "compost pile" that had accumulated in the gutters. Walt removed the duct tape that was holding the gutters' joints together and made sure the assembly wasn't dumping water along the garage walls. Walt ran some scary tubey-chompy-snakey looking thing through the drain pipe to clear out any clogs that were hiding.

And once Walt was done, he made balloon sculptures/animals for us. No lie.

Here's a pink kitty, but if he had had an orange balloon, Walt said it would make a cute tiger:

My husband's favorite, a motorcycle:

A sweet faced bumblebee (MUCH nicer than the wasps!):

And if you can imagine this one made out of a green balloon with a red tongue, it's a FROG!

I'm thinking Walt the Gutter Service Repairman just might need to come in for Show and Share sometime this year!


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Congratulations to Daisie and Andy! They got married in Hawaii yesterday!

(bears found here)

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