Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eskimo in Oz

My Dear Husband and I were having dinner away from home last night after having run errands for most of the day. We chose a buffet type restaurant for both its selection and its proximity to the Sprint Service Center, where my cell phone was being beaten into you-SHALL-display-email-when-she-wants-you-to submission repaired. The late hour combined with the buffet environment and the other diners that belonged to the senior citizen crowd seemed to bring out our silly side, and soon we were joking about the repairs my cell phone *might* need, the number of used car lots that my husband has to choose from in his search for a smaller vehicle that gets better gas mileage, and how it was funny for me, being an Eskimo in Oz.

It sounds like a great blog title, no? Eskimo in Oz. We'll see if I find some inspiration for that one, since I'm back to rethinking my blogging now that I'll be returning to the classroom. Should I just keep all of my content here and at Tending the Eclectic Kinder-Garden, or should I focus one blog solely on teaching, and use the other as a catch-all... Pondering, pondering. Thoughts?


By the way, after two forty-five minute waits at the Sprint Service Center, we realized that Sprint Service really doesn't...sprint.

From Wiktionary: Sprint: A short race at top speed; a burst of speed or creativity; To run etc. at top speed for a short period of time.


I've missed W.E.I.O. again this year- and will have to make vacation plans back to Alaska over the summer in the years to come to see and hear the dancers, drummers, blanket pullers, Native crafts and vendors, athletes and friends who gather there annually:

Thankfully, Pamyua's "tribalfunk" sound occasionally visits Oz!


Apologies if tomorrow's Show and Share is posted a little later than usual- I'm hoping to get my key(s) to my classroom in the morning and will be photographing the space and materials to help me plan my activity areas for my students!

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