Tuesday, June 03, 2008

They're RED, But One of These Things is Not Like the Others...

I'm *so* dating myself for today's "I Saw Red" post:

We'll start off with a red door on Sesame Street:

...and then you can figure out which one of the following "doesn't belong":

Which is it?

We have a red motorcycle (Daddy's been helping our friend Aaron work on it in the garage)... my red truck... a building with a red roof... and the toddler's red Harley rocker.

Did you guess the building with the red roof? Bingo!

BUT... there's something special about that building with the red roof. You see, it's the building where many of our soldiers reunite with their families after returning home safely from deployment. There's usually a great big American flag flying high overhead as the planes land, and after the soldiers walk across the tarmac, they enter this building, where their friends and families are waiting to welcome them home.

It's my favorite building (other than our home) here on post.

The idea has floated through many, many, many email accounts for awhile now, but perhaps you'd consider wearing red on Fridays? From Wikipedia: "... groups say that wearing red on Fridays is meant to be a non partisan act by someone to show his or her support for Armed Forces abroad regardless of where they are or under what circumstances they were deployed. This is specifically used in the U.S. to show support of troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else."


I've been enjoying participating in this photo inspiration event! Thanks and welcome to all participants and visitors!

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