Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday...Adios Texas!

We'll miss the mountains, and some of the foliage:

But we will not miss the wind, the heat, and the dirt:

If all has gone according to plan this week, today is the day we begin our drive OUT of El Paso, Texas, toward our new home in Kansas.

Gracias Marty:


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Ahhh! Good memories! I've always enjoyed Marty Robbins songs, and had the pleasure of going to a live performance in Anaheim, Calif. many years ago.

    Good luck with your move, it's never easy. DH was in the military for 11 years so we had several moves. We are orig. from Mo., once stationed in Wichita Falls, Texas and twice at Wichita, Kansas--then off to San Diego area. When he got out, we stayed in Ca. Just never know where life will take you, but you meet nice people everywhere and that's the important part.

    I'm enjoying your blog, so hope you won't be away too long.


  2. Good luck at your new post! I found your site through someone else's. I post ideas for reading and writing on my site. You might like it.

  3. Kay and Deb, thanks so much for visiting! My family and I have arrived in Kansas, but have a few surprises to deal with this week, so I'm hoping to be back to the blog around July 9! Can't wait to check out your site Deb, thanks for sharing!


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