Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freezerburn MIGHT Be a Bad Thing...

I started this day waking up from a somewhat trippy dream. One fragmented scene I remember had me attending the Olympics with my daughter, watching Olympic mascot characters (in this case, bunnies and kitties) lined up next to one another falling down, "wave" style. That was the whole opening ceremony. While attempting to find seats in the crowded bleachers, we looked up to see an avalanche of weather, rain, snow, lightning...rolling toward the unsuspecting people in the venue...and no, it wasn't a wave of weather, it was somehow an avalanche, falling as it rolled, racing...maybe it didn't want to miss the bunnies and kitties.

Can't forget the children with blue hair wearing clothes that looked as if they had been sewn from picnic table covers.

Hair like this, only BLUE (thanks Joan):

Something tells me that the package of hot dogs I prepared last night for dinner occupied our freezer a tad bit too long... who knew freezerburn was hallucinogenic?


108 degree weather kept us indoors most of the day, though we did venture out to the PX to join my godmother for lunch:

Once we returned home, I re-acclimated to the much cooler temperature of our home and made a ton of progress on the scarf I started yesterday:

It will be finished later this evening, just in time to be put away with our winter gear, ready for the movers to come and pack away next week.


*You can't beat a cold treat on a scorchingly HOT day like today. Our freezer is full of Otter Pops, but Haute*Nature shares a link to some nummy sounding popsicle recipes...

*There's no way I'm turning on the stove today, tomorrow...possibly the next day either... but once the temperature cools down, and we're settled into our new home, I just might celebrate my return to baking with Smitten Kitchen's Pistachio Petit-Four Cake...

*My daughter wants to save some of our moving boxes to try her hand at making cardboard food art! Perhaps I can use a few of her creations to inspire my students to make something other than robots in my Creative Construction Zone.


Interestingly enough, these guys never gave me nightmares. Yep-yep-yep-yep, it *had* to have been the hotdogs.

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  1. Those posicles ound yummy!!! Have you ever tried the dripless jello pops made with jello/kool-aid.

    I'll put up the recipe if you request.

    Your scarf is looking great. You must really be cracking at it.


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