Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seen on Sunday

"Wed tain Mommy, wed tain!"

"Boo-boo cykul Mommy, boo-boo cykul..." (a friend's bike was hit by a driverless car this morning- the bike's rear fender is toast, and the paintjob is scratched, but our friend is fine! Yes, I typed "driverless...")

And Miss Laurie from Laurie's Charming Designs entered me into a drawing for one of her paper flowers! It arrived just in time to join me in reading the newest Somerset Life, that just so happens to feature Laurie's beautiful birds (pages 70-73):

Take a look at the beautiful handpainted envelope! Thanks so much Laurie, I'm enjoying reading about your "soft perches" and will find a special place for my beautiful flower!

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  1. Thank you so much for showing the flower,and the mag. I'm thrilled you won it!! I am so glad I found your blog...not sure how I did find it...but I'm really glad. I'll be back to visit,
    Hugs to you..Laurie


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