Monday, April 21, 2008

I Want to Collect...

Sesame Street Mosaic

1. Cookie and Count, 2. Hooper's Store, 3. The Robinsons, 4. Sesame Street Sign

I had this toy when I was a child, along with a Fisher Price house, the boat, the hospital... I don't recall having the schoolhouse, but I'm thinking I'll add "Vintage Fisher Price" people to my wish-list for Christmas!

Er, uh, I mean wouldn't this toy be GREAT for my kindergarten classroom?

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  1. Hi Michaele,
    I have been lurking through all of your posts. Good thing it is summer. Unfortunately I got a whopper of a cold and fever..but that left nothing to do but read through your blog. I LOVE it!
    I know you like yard sales and want to encourage you to keep your eye out. I got this Sesame Street set at a yard sale for $5. I know they did not know what they had as just the little tv is selling for $18 on eBay. My daughter has had fun with it and the other buildings we have from when I was a child. It is great when your childhood toys are called vintage. Anyway, she is enjoying playing with it and I enjoy singing the songs it reminds me of!


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