Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"What Happened" Wednesday

Miss me?

While I was happy to share the wonderful Muppet video clip on Monday, I haven't written anything in the past two days other than grocery lists and email messages, which is odd for me. It's not that I haven't had scenes, situations, or thoughts to share, in fact I'm happy to catch you up in a sec... I suppose I just needed a little break from blogging. Now *reading* blogs... I've been up to the task, and have even been rewarded for my reading and commenting...

Hostess With the Mostess hosted a giveaway with Childish last week, and GUESS WHO WON? Oh yes, ladies and gents, that would be ME! Five hundred dollars to shop for my almost three-year-old, and don't you know, it's perfect timing since the last growth spurt made most of our boy's wardrobe much too small. I'm making sure that the boy gets one of these:

It's the shirt that inspired me to comment on the giveaway post in the first place- I'm such an Army Wife/Mom!

Sigh, here are the skulls that Daddy likes:

Just perfect for our toddler, who is ALL BOY!

Thank you again Hostess and Childish Clothing, you have made our week, and our toddler's summer!


Along with fun surprises, we had a not-fun one this morning. One of those that makes you wonder as a parent just *how* exactly your own parents allowed you to live past the age of, oh, thirteen...

I asked Dear Daughter to please wash my truck yesterday. Apparently she took my truck keys in order to stick them in the ignition so she could listen to tunes during her dreary task. An hour later (she washed the outside and cleaned the interior), she came back into the house, and since I wasn't aware that she had taken the keys, I didn't ASK HER FOR THE KEYS. This morning we headed out the door to run some errands, and guess what I couldn't find?

And guess where daughter found them? In the ignition. With the ignition on. And it had been on, all night long. The problem was solvable, doable, but a pain in the sheer timing of it. Military Spouses, you'll understand this one: guess where Husband is this week? Yep, out of town at training. For those of you non-military families, believe me when I tell you that Murphy's Law LOVES to lurk around the homes, vehicles, and workplaces of military spouses and families. Just waiting. Yes, you can almost hear the theme music from Jaws in the background begin to play as soon as our soldier deploys or leaves town for training. Pipes burst, tornadoes hit, cars die, and basements flood as soon as we're on our own. Add "teenagehood happens" to that list.

So after a phone call to Dear Husband to find out 1) where the jumper cables were and 2) just HOW I should use them to bring my truck back to life, I was moving vehicles, getting into the tool box, poppin' the hoods, and making sure red went to red and black went to black (my husband warned me that "bad things" happen when the reds and blacks on the jumper cables are mixed up on the vehicle batteries). Ten minutes later, my truck was running, and I had cooled down enough to know that I could speak to Dear Daughter without bursting her eardrums or the windows of our neighbors. I even fed her lunch.

Good mommy.


I've got the urge to make a banner...or two...or three... with inspiration from Holly at Decor8, and Candice at Peacoats and Party Hats, and easy directions from Beth at Stitch, Rip, Repeat. One for kindergarten, another for birthdays, and possibly one that says "Welcome Home!"


Jenny and Doug, I've started thinking about the passion-quilt meme, really! It will be coming up in a future post!


See you back here tomorrow for Show and Share Thursday- I think I'll go make sure my keys are where they're supposed to be!

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