Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting My Spring "Fix"

The Bordertown is desert. Brown, dry, tumbleweedy desert. There are some amazing blooming plants and shrubs in a lot of the landscaping here, but they won't erupt for a bit longer, leaving me with a twiggy, dusty view. How to solve the problem?

Go exploring!

~ housemartin creates *fabulous* floral arrangements: spring colors and soft spring flowers

~ Genevieve of The Adventures of Gigi attended the 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show, lucky duckie!

~ Brenda Walton posted photos of the French countryside gardens she visited last fall- wrong season I know, but the RIGHT photos- they are beautiful!

~ Lisa at Celebrate Creativity in All Its Forms added embroidered flowers to her pillowcases...talk about sweet dreams...

~ Carol at Boxwood Cottage has crafted spring and Easter pendants

Ladies, thank you!

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