Thursday, February 07, 2008

Show and Share Thursday: Love is in the Air

Actually, it's spread all over my table for the time being!

My sister's-in-law birthday is coming up, as is my father's-in-law later in the month, so I've been making birthday cards this week. Darling daughter has decided against store-bought valentines this year for her friends (family still gets a visit from Hallmark however), hinting last night that "Uh Mom, now I have twenty-nine girls on my card list, do you have any ideas about cards for them?" Translation? "Mom, make some cards for me!"

They're in process right now, still needing the text for the fronts, insides...and her signature of course! She's asked that the pecan/Rolo/pretzel nummies accompany the traditional candy message hearts that she'll give in goody bags this year, so I'll be making multiple batches this weekend (any earlier, and they'd all be not so much "eaten" as INHALED by us!).

The cards were actually pretty simple, using what I already at home: decorative papers, plain cards from the clearance shelves at Joann's (did I say "plain?" There are some glittered cards too!), stickers, photo corners, round and heart shaped brads.

The birthday cards are the regular size, while the valentines are the same cards merely cut in half (teen girls like "cute" sized cards, right?). Once I find just the right font and some valentiney phrases, I'll print them out and add them.


Now while I personally LOVE these (you're learning that my sense of humor occasionally *twists* a bit, aren't you?), I won't include them on any of the valentines I've made this week:

"I love you like zombies love brains!"

"Roses are pink, your feet really stink!" (It's a book I read to students each February)


Here's what I've flagged this week:

What is it with me and chairs?!?!? Decor8 found something that appeals to the secret gypsy within me...okay, lots of things!

Several friends have recently had (or are soon-expecting) babies! Hostess with the Mostess reviewed How Fast They Grow's digital photo albums.

I'm on a brownie kick, and thankfully this recipe from Homespun Living does NOT include bacon!

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