Friday, January 18, 2008

I Hab a Code




Cough, hack!

Just more proof that Murphy's Law exists to put a cramp in my weekend plans. Husband is hunting wabbits, toddler is getting over being under the weather, teen is relieved Friday has arrived sooner rather than later, and I'm a coughaholic. SnotMonster. A walking zombie thanks to cold medicine (even the daytime brands knock me for a loop).

Cutting out fabric hearts was fun- here's a tidbit you might find helpful: Fiskars and sneezes.....NOT a good combination! But I persevered, since it kept me on the couch and I could at least feel like I was being productive. I decided to make a puffy heart valentine wreath, by the way. Wonder what kind of combination sneezing + sewing machine will be tomorrow...sneezing + hot glue gun? I think I feel my motivation leaving me.

The plan is to attempt to sleep through the night, wake up refreshed and less sniffley, get domestic goddess chores done first thing, and then do some sewing.

Thank you Bill Watterson, pass the Kleenex will you?

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