Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Decor Voyeurism

sittingAptly named "Absolutely Beautiful Things" has hosted a Christmas Competition (now closed) for the last three weeks. Photos and stories have been shared from all over the world, so go take a peek:

Week 3
Week 2
Week 1

A Storybook Life offers holiday tips for picking out the perfect Christmas tree and taking part in holiday events in your hometown.

Apparently it's a very Diva Christmas at Selfridges in London (thanks to Paris Parfait for sharing her photographs!)

Anti-Yawn is passing out grades (hey, are you a teacher?) in the Ultimate Guide to Tacky Christmas Decorations, and though it's a bit dated, it's still a fun one to read.

If you're maxxed out from the sparkle, glitter, sugar cookies and mistletoe, head over to Normal Room where you can have a peek into rooms from around the world (yes, WORLD).

I think I'll give myself half an hour on my birthday (six days away) to sit back and check through the blogroll, add some more links, read some more insight and words of wisdom from fellow teachers, and just send a quiet, calm wish for peace out into the void.

Merry Christmas, and to you teachers, HAPPY WINTER BREAK!

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