Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Which site?

Okay, so I'm finding my blog looking prettier at the following and I'm considering transferring everything there to have it all in one, pretty, easy-to-blog location- let me know which site you prefer.



  1. I always prefer edublogs because it's not blocked at work. The contrast between the sites is huge because you've picked the black skin on this site, which I am not crazy about, but very edgy for a kinder teacher. You could have gone with something similar on edublogs, but the whole theme there is much softer and, well more you. I don't think you'll find a skin/theme similar in blogger. I find blogger stale because of the limited number of themes.

  2. I read your blog with a Reader, so the theme doesn't matter so much to me. Have you had this black theme running here for long?? I'm so unobservant, I don't remember seeing this one here, before.

    I'm not sure if there's any teacher community boost in readership you gain with edublogs. I'm curious about that, though, because I'm about to start teaching a course at my school, and I'm trying to decide which service to recommend.

  3. I tried the black theme here because I was looking for an autumn "pop," but I can't resize the graphics to something LESS than overwhelming on any of the Blogger Templates, which is why I'm considering just moving to Edublogs. I'm thinking pretty, calm, more choices, and graphics and layouts that don't overwhelm (or underwhelm) are what I'd rather go with. Thanks for the input you two! For now I'll tone it back down with plain white, and continue adding to EduBlogs since it's linked to "In Practice" for me.


As always, thank you for your comments, tips, suggestions and questions!