Saturday, February 25, 2017

Painting Truffula Trees

This week the Stars painted truffula trees so that our hallway bulletin boards will be decorated in time for our guest readers during Read Across America and our celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthay!

I preassembled the background and frame, using 9 X 12 sky blue construction paper, backed by 10 X 13 white and 11 X 14 black paper.

Students wrote their names in the lower right-hand corner and then chose their truffula tree color from orange, red, and yellow tempera paint.  They painted a circle onto the sky blue paper:

... and filled it in.  The brush strokes helped give the truffula tree top a fluffy, textural look:

Using a thin brush, students then added a black tree trunk, letting the brush move this way and that, stopping right before meeting the edge of the blue paper:

It looks like a balloon, doesn't it?

After letting the tree top and trunk dry...

... the Stars painted white stripes onto the trunk using a Sharpie paint marker:

... and dabbed some green grass at the base of the blue paper.

Once our bulletin board is finished, I'll share it here on the blog for you to see!


It's almost time for the annual wearing-of-the-Sneetch-shirt!  Click here to be taken to the tutorial.


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