Monday, March 28, 2016

Freshening Up the Blog for Spring

One of my to-dos for spring break was an item that usually results in the bi-annual freshening up of my blog.

It didn't happen.

Oh, goodness no, it didn't happen.

I had the school yearbook to finish.  I had laundry to do.  LOADS of laundry.

I had to sleep.

You understand.

Now it's the day after Easter, and the links in my blogroll haven't even been checked yet (they change every so often, making an unchecked, non-updated blogroll useless), HOWEVER...

Thanks to a fabulous colleague, I DO have a new blog header!  (~scroll back up, take a peek~)

It's simply sweet, straightforward, and feels fresh.

Thank you, Doti!

You can find her on Etsy and on Instagram (check out her cute spring lettering art!)

~Happy Spring!~

(... and I'll find time this weekend to update the blogroll.  Maybe.)

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