Monday, September 21, 2015

My TPT Store: Interactive Apple Poem

My students love to work with poems! The rhythm, the rhyme, and the mystery of identifying missing words keeps them engaged and enthusiastic as they develop their reading skills.  It's apple picking season, so I've created a new pack for my TPT store.

This simple poem about apples doesn't overwhelm, and is a great introduction to interactive text.  It's easy to print out and add to a class binder of poems, or display on an interactive white board. There are multiple pages where I've omitted a word from the poem.  Can your students identify the missing words?

To include a counting component for math, I've added pages where you can dictate how many apples should be added to the apple tree. Students can draw/color, or use a small apple die cut, or even paint apples on to the tree!

The reassembled poem page can easily be added to any autumn apple artwork that your students create.

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