Saturday, August 08, 2015

Classroom Photo Tour for Students

I like to provide my Super Star families and their children with a "sneak peek" of our classroom before they bring their supplies to school on Meet-the-Teacher Day.  Here's what I emailed to them and posted on our district-provided class web page earlier this week:

Hello Super Star Families!

Our buffalo buddy would like to give you a quick tour of our classroom.  See if you can find these places when you visit this afternoon:

We are going to have a GREAT year!  See you soon!


There's likely an easier way than I use to photograph and edit the pictures that I include in my sneak peek tour, but I've done it this way for several years so it's the simplest for me.

I take pictures with my phone (yes, phone), upload them to Dropbox, decide which photos will work best with text added to them, and then edit the photos on Photobucket.  I download the edited photos to my desktop, and then decide how to draft my message.  I like to blur students' names on photos that I share here on the blog, but kindergartners love to see their names appear in the email version: letting them know this is their space is important!

Finally, my stuffed buffalo buddy sits in an obvious spot on my desk when school begins.  He accompanies us the first time we visit PE, Art, Music, Library, and Science, and learns our classroom, hallway, recess, and lunch rules with us. 


You can find some of my previous class tours here:

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  1. I'm sure your students and parents love this tour!


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