Friday, March 20, 2015

Lions and Lambs

Discussing March weather before Spring Break began, my Super Stars could be heard judging conditions each morning as they entered from the chilly line outside, fingers crossed that it would be warm enough later for recess:

"We are soooooooo going to have a lamb day today."

"I'm grumpy.  I think it's lion-ing out there today, so we won't get to play outside."

Lamb Day.  Lion-ing.  Of course I enjoy eavesdropping and catching all of the verbiage. 


Here's where I posted the lamb craft originally.

The lions were a quick shape review activity, using 11 X 11 orange squares, tan ovals, white circles, black triangles, and tan semi-circle ears.


Do you think the upper middle lamb resembles Bert?  Maybe it's just me.  

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