Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Teacher's Kid

I'm one.

I knew how to put up bulletin boards by the time I was in middle school.

My eldest children, The College Graduate and The Wildcat Rower, have the same bordette/trimmer skill set.  Remember The College Graduate's boards from this post?

Now, for the next generation.  The (almost) Third Grader has taken on some of my classroom prep duties.  Not yet wanting to deal with displays, he's happy to show off his sticker-peeling skills every time I make a new purchase for the classroom:

Black storage tubs...

... and white pencil/crayon baskets.

Yep.  He's a teacher's kid.


  1. I cannot wait until my girls are old enough to come help me in the classroom. They are only 2 and 7 weeks old, but I am already looking forward to it. Now I have to arrange for daycare in order to get time in my classroom over the summer. It will be great when they are not only old enough to come along and not destroy things but old enough to be productive and help!

  2. I was not as lucky ;-) My two sons who were very quite kids at the end of the day were running the hall ways with the brooms. May be they had some ambition to become sorcerers like Harry Potter ;-)


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