Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's the First Day of Summer Vacation

... and I'm unwrapping used crayons to dice up and melt so that August's Super Stars will have recycled star-shaped crayons to enjoy their first week of kindergarten.

This is part of what it means when teachers have their "summers off."


Fellow teachers, we've finished up another year.  As you pack your classroom away, what ideas are floating around in the back of your head for next fall?  Curriculum mapping?  Organizing materials? Creating new centers?  Or are you simply taking summer one day at a time, with the goal of sleeping in every day possible?

No matter how I try to leave all things kindergarten in the classroom over the summer, I inevitably find myself pinning new ideas and inspiration to my Pinterest boards, buying additions to or replacements for my class library and manipulatives, and dreaming up new ways to use familiar spaces that will engage my students as they explore their world and curricular concepts.  Thankfully, I have The Nine Year Old to spend summer with, and our plans for the next eight weeks include tending our garden.

We're already enjoying strawberries:


What do you have planned for the summer?



  1. Like you, always pinning new ideas to my 6 art teaching boards. Purchasing little things for my classroom throughout the summer & writing new lesson plans for next year. I do however make sure that I take time for myself to rejuvenate & relax. This will start Sunday as my family & I along with some friends have rented a cabin at Rocking Chair Resort on Norfork Lake by Mountain Home, Arkansas. I will have 9 glorious days of creating art, antique shopping, fishing and other forms of relaxation. Love your blog!

  2. For the first time since 1979, no one in this house will be teaching on the fall. Wow! The usual "next year" thoughts will be a thing of the past. Even though I haven't taught in 12 years, I always help The Guy get ready for his upcoming new classes.Whatever will we do to fill that time??? Let's see: chores, yard work, camping, riding motorcycles, gardening, woodworking, reading for fun, digital photography class, jewelry making class for me, halibut fishing, clamming in Homer, visitors from Amsterdam, crafting time on rainy days, card games, BBQ times with friends and family, a trip to Bellingham to visit with teaching pals from the Bush, soaking up the Midnight Sun... I wonder what we should do the second week ???

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Whoever said teachers have summers off...has obviously never met a real teacher. ;)


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