Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where the Wild Things Are

"Mrs. Sommerville, can we make Wild Things for our craftivity this week?"

As we're listening for and writing Ww this week, I was happy to oblige.  Here's what we used (but a lighter tan for the 8 X 8 square and a darker brown for the 12 X 12 would work too):

I had my students cut the corners off of the white 8 X 8 piece of paper, and then told them to glue it to the center of the brown 12 X 12 piece.  I then modeled how to draw a large oval on the orange 2 X 3 rectangle for the nose, and a large circle on the yellow 3 X 3 squares.  We glued them to the middle of the white circle for the face.

Pupils were cut out of the black 1 X 1 squares, and we added some shine to the eyes with a white pencil, though a crayon would work nicely too.  We drew a smile with a black marker, and then used the 1.5 X 12 inch strip of paper to cut triangle teeth that we glued to touch the line of the mouth.  Students then cut zig zag lines around the whole face, trimming off some of the brown:

As you might have suspected, Kindergarten is Where the Wild Things Are!

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