Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happiness is Using a Desktop Laminator...

... in a classroom equipped with A/C.

Not much to see today, just lunch signs and our crate for returned library books.  ~And~ I learned something new:  Zip ties are cool little things!


Some of the classroom chores I've checked off of my to-do list include:

~ Rearranging furniture to open up the front of the classroom
~ Sorting through and donating reproducible materials
~ Making new book tub labels
~ Sorting and prepping math manipulatives
~ Reworking my quarterly binders and giving them a facelift with new covers
~ Mapping literacy, math, science and social studies concepts and activities by month
~ Reading through and creating Pinterest boards for Common Core Curriculum Maps
~ Prepping Bulletin Boards
~ Organizing art supplies

I'd still like to find a place that will cut composition books in half for kindergarten journals and mini-books.  Does anyone have an idea of where I could take them that *wouldn't* cost an arm and a leg?  I've seen half-sized notebooks at Walmart in the back-to-school section, but I'd like to work through the stockpile of full size notebooks that I already have before making another purchase.


  1. You just gave me the desire to buy my own laminator. We have one at school, yet there are rules about when it can be used and we have to leave our stuff for a weekly volunteer who does all the laminating. Which one do you have? I know they're not cheap, but the pouches that are used with the smaller laminators make a much thicker plastic and I prefer that for games and stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi KT, there are rules about our big laminator at school too. Thankfully I only have to laminate large items once or twice a year. Most of the things I need are much smaller, but in multiples, like book bin tags, center labels, name tags, sight word cards, etc. That thicker laminate film really helps them last!

    My laminator is a Scotch brand tabletop model, and I've seen it on sale at WalMart and Target for about $24. Not a bad price, but the laminate film itself can get pricey. I found a generic film through one of the teacher supply catalogs for much cheaper, and ended up buying it instead. If you have families who like to give you gift cards or your school's PTA wants feedback on teacher needs/preferred stores let them know.

    Don't forget, feed the **sealed** side of the laminating film into the laminator first, and make sure you show a parent volunteer the proper way to use it as well. I forgot to show an aide once and she sent the open end into the rollers, and the machine was beyond repair.

    Here's the brand that I use (found on Amazon):



As always, thank you for your comments, tips, suggestions and questions!