Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bloglovin' Blog Hop: Hello All!

Welcome to my blog, Kindergarten's 3 R's: Respect, Resources and Rants!  My name is Michaele (pronounced "my-kul," like Michael Jordan) and I became a part of the education blogging community back in September of 2006.  After almost seven years of sharing links, teacher tips, classroom ha-ha's and of course, strongly felt professional opinions, I'm excited for this opportunity to build my professional learning network with other wonderful educators.  Many thanks to Teaching is a Gift and A Teacher Without a Class for hosting this great event!  Clicking on the buttons below will take you to their blogs and links to the other blog hop participants:

Teaching is a Gift     

I suppose I'm a bit of an oddball, as losing Google Reader was never an issue for me since I subscribed to many blogs via Net News Wire, and have enjoyed my weekend ritual of getting up before the rest of my family, sipping coffee out of a large mug and reading the latest posts from my favorite bloggers for several years now.  Realizing that many subscribers to ~my~ blog used Google Reader however, I was glad to discover that Bloglovin' was going to be able to transfer subscriptions for them with ease.  Now there's no reason for any of us to miss out on helpful posts, ideas, blog hops, and other inspiring resources!

Some info on navigating my blog from the Blogger site itself:

~ My Pinterest and Twitter links are found to the right, but I'm also on Facebook as me, myself and I.  Kindergarten's 3 R's has its own page on FB.

~ I update my blogroll (also to the right) twice a year, and sort sites by category: Authors and Illustrators, Early Childhood, Just for Kids, My Nationwide PLC, Music, PE, Response to Intervention, STEM, Storytime and Technology Integration.

~  If you search through my past posts and stumble across home decor, cookie baking and family photos, it's probably a post from one of the years prior to the creation of my *other* blog, Twigs and Tulle.

Thanks so much for dropping by and subscribing via Bloglovin'!  Make sure to leave a comment and a link so I can follow you as well.



  1. I Love YOUR post and your blog! It's so nice to meet a new blogger buddy! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! We'll get to blog hop together!

  2. Bloglovin' kept me connected to you. I always enjoy your posts and look forward to them. What I didn't have was a "like" on FB for you. Going to fix that now..


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