Friday, December 28, 2012

Reading Bear: Free Online Reading Site

Reading Bear is a new online reading site that provides children and families with multimedia phonics and vocabulary presentations (videos, PowerPoint presentations and ebooks) as they develop reading skills and explore print and text.

Though it uses a font that children *might* read in various text sources, my only criticism thus far is that as you try the site out for the first time, letters such as "g" and "a" don't appear as children will write them, but never fear, the font can be changed to something more compatible, like Comic Sans if you click on the settings tab.  Teachers and families will likely want to fiddle with the settings before having their students use the site.

What other online reading resources do you recommend for your students?


  1. Thanks for bringing up the font issue. While children will become familiar with different fonts over time, I have found fonts to be disregarded by and large. So often, I will see things on TPT that use some really wild fonts and while they may be cute and connected to the theme of the docs, they are not practical for kids to work with. Enjoying your posts, as usual, Michaele.

  2. Maybe the place is not right, but I simply want to thank you for such a lovely website. I used to teach small children and I regret I didn't create something like your site by that time. Since I have my own kids now, for sure I will pay frequent visits to your site. :-)


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