Friday, July 27, 2012

Staple Board Facelift

My reading table is directly in front of my desk.  I can reach the phone, my calendar, computer, stapler, tape, and all sorts of other necessities if I have to, which means it's quite possible for me to be forced to look at a mess often throughout my day.

I'm a tchotchke type of person: I love to have photos, sparklies, and inspirational sayings in not only my personal but professional spaces.  My students love to sneak a peek at everything when they're called to my desk too!


This year I'm using a lot of black and white gingham print border/trimmer with solid white on my bulletin boards, but the pinning surface by my desk isn't very wide.  Not wanting to fill up the surface with border alone, I carefully utilized ye olde paper cutter to make it thinner:



Much better!

Now, staple up the trim:


Add some special photos:


Put everything in its place:


...and don't forget this:




Talk about an improvement!


I've shuffled and rearranged some centers in the classroom this year, and have relocated and reorganized my reading materials.  I'll share photos with you soon!


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  1. That's look awesome! I have all kinds of knick knacks the kids have given me over the years. Especially stuffed animals. I had a few that I kept from when I was in Nashville and then it's become a thing. I think the kids think I love stuffed animals. Now to just find a place for them.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten


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