Monday, June 11, 2012

Lucky Colleagues

I work with some fun people!  ~Funny~ people.  Silly people.  People who, like me, believe a school is the perfect place for smiles and laughter.

Relocations and new adventures *happen* though, some by chance, some by choice.  If they can't remain in-building, it's cool when those smiley people stay in-district.

Sometimes they ask me to help them decorate their new working spaces, and whether it's because they like symmetry, color and balance as much as I do or they end up determining their own style and organization by deciding none of my ideas are a good fit, I enjoy sharing my time and ideas with them.

Today I get to help generate a vision for an administrative office, and because it's for a fellow good-humor-gal, I'm totally suggesting the following themes:

Get Ahead at ____________ Middle School!

____________ Middle School, Where We Start Each Day With a BANG!


...and my personal favorite since I'm an elementary teacher, Whoa! Everything *IS* Bigger When You Go To Middle School!



(Radford Wallis)


I'm certain a disco ball would compliment ANY of these themes.

My friends are lucky to have me.



  1. Hi Michaele, just found your blog. Love your posts. Please stop by mine if you get a chance.

  2. So cute! I actually interviewed in an admin office that had not animal heads but shelves and shelves of dolls knick knacks-there had to be hundreds-it was very unnerving! :) Lots of great ideas on your blog, glad I discovered you!



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