Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Reader Request

I recently received the following:
Good Morning
I am a daily reader of your blog.  As a first year teacher I haven't found the time to start a blog (or a good niche to write about) however reading my blogfeed is my daily unwind when I get home from a busy day in the classroom.  You have given me so wonderful tips on how to organize and run my classroom.  
 I have a favor to ask....I am a teacher at a non profit private school for children with special needs, AchieveKids.  We are currently trying to win a Dell Technology Grant that would get our school 20,000 dollars worth of technology. We are a non profit school, so this would help us immensely.  I can't even imagine the neat learning opportunities that would open up for my students.  The way our school wins the grant is through a contest.  We need as many people as possible to "Like" our school video, found here .  I am sure you are bombarded by requests from readers to post things to support their cause or to prompt it, however if you had the time to either prompt it on your blog or even just personally click on it and support it that would be amazing.  Each person can vote once a day until July 14th. 
Thank you!


I enjoyed visiting Dell's Connect Your Classroom site!  Schools vie for this particular technology grant, and I encourage you to watch each of their video submissions.  You will have to register (quick and painless) before you're able to vote.

I have to say, my favorites are the videos featuring spontaneous and sincere requests for consideration made by students themselves.

Best of luck to Achieve Kids!


(photo found at Flickr via spelec.anton)

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