Saturday, June 26, 2010

You *KNOW* You're a Military Family...

... when the members of the medical team tending to your child's (first, I'm sure) stitches are all dressed in camouflage:


That's the doctor, sewing the boy up, with a nurse at his shoulder while another nurse, not pictured, types up the procedure notes.

A few weeks ago, four stitches were required to close the chin gash our boy received thanks to gravity and some playground equipment.  No tears, no hysterics, no drama, possibly because everyone attending him was dressed just like Daddy!

He was so proud of his "whiskers:"


The boy was officially welcomed into the "Chin Scar" Club by his doctor, who got his scar from crashing into a piano bench as a young boy, nurse #1, who obtained his scar from combat training (he was kicked), and nurse #2 who received his scar falling down steps leading up to a slide on a playground.  A rite of passage apparently.

He has healed nicely, with only a crooked pink line remaining.  The story the nurses coached him to use?

"I was wrestling a bear..."

proud army wife

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  1. My sister has that exact scar! She got it from hitting a pot hole while riding her bike. I think she was a lot more traumatized than your little guy was.

  2. What was even funnier was that as we were leaving the building, other nurses, a receptionist, and other patients all either pointed to their own chin scars or gave him multiple opportunities to practice the "I was wrestling a bear" story! :)

  3. Patricia A McCowan4:54 PM

    You forgot his grammy! I got my chin scar at 5 years old being blown out the front door (winter wind in Alaska) and thrown down the porch steps. Yep, I still have my scar. And yes, being stitched up was no trauma because my soldier Dad was there - and everyone else was in uniform...Plus the chin becomes numb very quickly.


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