Monday, June 14, 2010

Consequence Spinner

My friend Danielle sent me this link to a consequence spinner this weekend:


While the creator/seller obviously uses it to reinforce negative consequences for kiddos at home, I'd love to see/hear of a version where teachers use something similar for positive consequences regarding behavior modification in the classroom.

For instance: if little J. is working on impulsivity and personal space issues, it would be cool to create an incentive spinner where each day or half-day of success keeping his hands, feet, and objects to himself, he could earn a chance at the spinner, receiving more time on the computer, the chance to pick a special buddy for centers, extra time with a favorite manipulative or art material, or an extra storytime with me.

Ideas?  Links?

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  1. I think that your positive reinforcement spinner idea is great -- and I'll likely use it in my Kindegarten class next year. Only 4 more teaching days for me!


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