Wednesday, April 21, 2010

B is for Beautiful Butterflies


~ Ramblings of a Crazy Woman shares a similar painted butterfly project...

~ Miss Fancy Pants and Staci Taylor share how-to's for making a room sign with pretty paper butterfly die cuts...

~ Marie shares instructions for a simple tissue paper butterfly craft over at Design Mom...

~ ... and for your pocket chart:

Butterfly, Butterfly
(as posted at by Jill/K/OK)

Butterfly, butterfly, fly away.
Butterfly, butterfly, don't delay.
Butterfly, butterfly, fly so high.
Butterfly, butterfly, touch the sky.
Butterfly, butterfly, turn around.
Butterfly, butterfly, touch the ground.
Butterfly, butterfly, quick as a wink.
Find a (color) flower and stop to drink.

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  1. Hi Michaele! I love your butterflies -- we made some today, too. By the way, I included you in a meme -- check out my post on "teacher talents" -- I'd love to hear what yours are!


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