Monday, December 07, 2009

Confession and an Edublog Award 2009 Nomination

Oh yes, Sharpies are **IT** in my book:

** Silver Sharpies

** Holiday how-to's at Sharpie Blog where they've shared twenty five tips on how to use their markers to add a creative touch to gift giving, decorating and organizational needs!

** And something so totally ME,  Coleurs Cafe Sharpies.

Heaven help me if they figure out how to make pink sparkley Sharpies!

Tomorrow is the deadline for nominating your favorite education blogs for Edublogs' Awards 2009!  Visit the Edublogs Nomination Site for more details.  

While I've been a fan of many of the blogs nominated in previous years, there's been a noticeable shortage of early childhood/kindergarten energy in the lists.

Time to remedy the situation!

I'd like to nominate Look at My Happy Rainbow! for Best Individual Blog because by gum, I **love** nodding along as I read each of Halpey's posts.  Though I've suggested that he hop on the teacher-fashion-bandwagon (c'mon, certainly some colleague has gifted him with the most obnoxious candy cane tie or suspenders by now), I have nothing but praise and appreciation for how he captures the truth of kindergarten in each of his posts.  

....wonder what markers he prefers?

Oh yes, it's time...

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  1. Hey - THANK you! FYI - my favorite Sharpies are the big fat ones. Someone 'left' them in my room last year and I cherish them. :)


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