Sunday, September 13, 2009

Show and Share Links: I Want to See Your Desk! (and classroom organization tips)

After sharing this photo (don't worry, the dead white rat is *thankfully* made of rubber!) of my desk at school


I asked readers to post photos of their own teacher space on their blogs and link back:

Tracy at Grace Comes By Hearing shared a photo of her organized space (go look, you can see *actual* deskTOP in her photo!), and also gives us a tour of her classroom here. Thanks Tracy!

Jonelle shared her colorful before-and-after desk photos from her blog, A Place Called Kindergarten. Jonelle is a binder queen like I am (I organize all pages, posters, craft ideas, etc. in monthly three-ring binders) and also loves her SMARTBoard- she shares some terrific links that I'll be checking out this week- thanks Jonelle!


Vanessa's daughter E. was one of my Super Stars last year. Their family has relocated to Hawaii where E. is now a Super Star FIRST Grader! Vanessa shares the following *student* desk organizing tip:

I don't have a picture of a desk to share, but I do have a student desk organization idea. E's teacher had the students bring a cardboard tray (the kind that bottled water, Gatorade, etc come on). Now the students just have to pull out the tray to see what is in the desk. They seem to fit perfectly.

Mahalo Vanessa!


Do you have helpful desk organization tips for teacher or student spaces, or would you like me to add a link back to your blog so you can share a photo with us? Leave me a comment with your link on either my original show and share post or this one and I'll check back midweek to add your contribution.


~April Sanders shares Student Desk Organization tips at eHow...

~ Classroom organization includes furniture placement, lighting, storage materials and displays. Scholastic offers ideas on arranging your classroom's physical environment...

~ While not all grades/teachers might use every tip or product suggested by Mrs. McDavid, you will certainly find inspiration in her classroom organization tips (and she has photos, photos, photos!) at Getting Organized.

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  1. Your desk looks awesome! When I clean mine off, I tell my assistant to enjoy it while it lasts bec/ it won't last long!
    Just wanted to say that I love love love your blog! I have been reading it daily since I found it last weekend. :)


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