Saturday, June 20, 2009 This Thing On?

….aaaaaaannnnnddddddd, *we’re back.*

It’s been a while dear readers, such a stretch that I’m actually wondering how long it will take to get back into my blogging rhythm. Perhaps I’ll just fall into a new one.

I’ve been so busy that I’ve found my normal conversations and shared thoughts passed over for abbreviated acknowledgements and blips on Facebook as I try to manage the necessary choreography of chores, a summer class, family time, and forced episodes of recuperation from whatever summer allergies, viruses, or heat indexes inflict themselves upon me and my family. Add to the list an addiction to an online game (Farm Town) that is finally starting to abate, and it’s difficult to deny that I’ve been distracted from Kindergarten’s 3 R’s.

Family issues, while perhaps not resolved, *addressed* and no longer on the backburner: check. Successful completion of my first year at my newest district: check. Space carved out for my creative endeavors at home: check. Training for my soon-to-be-installed SMARTBoard: check-in-progress.

As satisfying as it is to attach a checkmark next to an item on any of my to-do lists (yes, plural), I still experience that nagging feeling that I’m not quite getting everything accomplished or finished that I *could*be… that I *want* to be.

Professionally, I want to focus my energy on reflecting upon my first ever year teaching at a non-Title-I school. The blips and notes I’ve scribbled down for myself have accumulated over the year, and with summer “vacation” upon me, I’d like to truly decompress, take a few steps back and figure out the lay of the land. I’ll have to make the conscious effort to set aside time for the summary after my technology class is over, which will be difficult because I’ve been bitten by the SMARTBoard Bug something BAD. National Certification has also sparked my interest- apparently it’s never the little projects that intrigue me.

Personally, it’s time to get our family in focus as we prepare for Dear Husband’s next deployment. He’ll be gone a year, and though we’ve proven that this particular difficulty can be endured and survived, prior experience doesn’t make the separation, anxiety, or workload any easier this time around. High-school-Graduate will head to college while Dear Daughter will have volleyball and her sophomore classes to keep her busy. The pre-schooler will continue with speech therapy, playtime, and all of the adventures that four year olds seem to get themselves into. I am grateful that I’ll be teaching again, and that my crafting endeavors will keep my idle hands busy each evening. Crocheting, making bitty banners, perhaps picking up cross-stitch again…I’m pleased to have options. I’ve already started to build up our stash of flat-rate mailing boxes for care packages too. Yes, there’s another checkmark.

But enough about me, how have *you* been?

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