Monday, May 25, 2009

Our High School Graduate

Congratulations Boy, you *did it*!

I am so very proud of my son, and so grateful for his friends and family who supported and guided him when Uncle Sam decided it was time for us to live an unconventional family life, relocation after relocation. Many thanks to his teachers, several of whom I attended either high school or college with in my younger years. While I appreciate your praise for my son, graduation marks the time for us all to plant our sized 9-12 bunny boots firmly into his backside aiming toward a college campus! All together now!

On to your next great adventure Boy- don't forget to ask for help, say "thank you," and be the type of person YOU always hope to encounter.


  1. Congratulations to your soon. Such a big step in your family. Good luck to him in college.

  2. Congratulations dear , all are so happy . Wish you all the very best in your life .

    Good Luck . . .


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