Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Week

It's been one of those weeks that crawls at a snail's pace until it's over at which point it seems to have flown by~

My weekend wrap-up:

Work: Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! Hearts for art, hearts for valentine cards, and my Super Stars and I *~heart~* the fact that it warmed up more than enough to have several days of outdoor recess. (Dear family and friends in's February and my kiddos were out playing at 68 degrees...)

I'm going to ask for a SMART Board. Just more proof that my educational practices, philosophy and interests continue to evolve and change even after thirteen years of teaching. Another year down without feeling burnt out. Yay!

It's that magic time of year when changes are happening to my students~ handwriting is becoming more fluid, reading aloud is more expressive, writing is chosen freely instead of begrudgingly endured. Personalities are changing too- bossiness is no longer working for some, followers are becoming leaders, new students are settling in, my Stars are sneaking peeks into the first grade classrooms as we walk by them in the hallway. It's exciting, though not fun for all.

Home: Potty training the pre-schooler. He's been resistant since August (oh joy~) but it's all starting to click into place now. Met with the speech/language teacher who has screened him at day care and she agrees he could use some help with both articulation and language development.

Freshman daughter has started her second semester classes and is taking more of an interest in her appearance. Sigh. It's probably *that* time. Wonder what the boy's name is? He'd better have a killer spike since volleyball still seems to be on her summer agenda.

Eldest son graduates from high school in May. He's taller than me and has promised he won't go and see the new Star Trek movie until I'm back in Alaska with him. Yes Boy, I'm holding you to it. Glad you have a coffee habit like I do- we'll have fun hanging out in Barnes and Noble with our lattes.

Dear Husband will be deploying in late summer or early autumn. We've done this once, and we'll do it again. Hopefully we won't be tripping on his body armor in the house for months beforehand like last time.

Personal: My doctor's appointment went well! I'm not diabetic, my cholesterol, thyroid, and blood pressure are perfect (not near perfect, PERFECT), which means I'm off to do a sleep study sometime soon to see what all of my lethargy is about. Methinks four years of rotten sleep *might* have something to do with it all.

I've sold some banners, had requests for others, and am really going to need to organize my system for sorting, packaging and mailing soon. Fine by me~ anything to feed my need for pretty paper and new paper crafts!

I won a giveaway~ once the light is *just right*, I'll photograph the treasures that Traci sent! They are full of valentine goodness and inspiration...

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  1. Very positive and endearing post. I wish you luck with all you do. Good health and stregnth to all.


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