Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Birthday Girl Can Dream, Right?

It will be a mostly homemade Christmas this year thanks to being bitten by the crafting bug and Dear Daughter wanting to "help make things," not to mention the fact that I actually get nauseated when I see the price tags on gift items that this year, seem so wasteful and unnecessary. But for my upcoming thirty-ninth birthday (12/23), I'm all for fun, silliness and a little shopping in celebration of the birth of little ol' *me*. Indulgent. Selfish. Whatever. A birthday girl can dream, right?

Here's what has caught my eye and made me smile:

~ First, a Hello Kitty "Tapper:"

I remember loving Hello Kitty when I was a little girl, and though the HK gene seems to have been passed on to Dear Daughter, little touches of Sanrio still brighten my day.

~ Next, stainless steel shredding scissors from the Container Store:

Nope, I wouldn't use them to shred receipts, mail, or private documents (I've got the big paper shredder for all of that) but goodness, they'd be perfect for crafting!

~Since I plan to continue blogging, my eMac, while trustworthy and faithful, really is an awkward ton of bricks when it comes to finding a place to situate myself regularly. Should a seventeen inch MacBook Pro sashay its way through my door, you'll hear no complaints from me. In fact, you'll hear shrieks and screams of joy. And then silence as I immerse myself in all its Mac Goodness:

~ Another gift that would keep me quiet? A subscription to Artful Blogging. Oh, it's wonderful to read, the photography is beautiful...and then I seek out the blogs featured online:

~ A gift card for foo-foo coffee would keep me from constantly mis-measuring my Coffeemate creamer in the morning...somehow I always pour too little, or far too much in my mug:

~ Several more tubes of Estee Lauder's High Gloss (lip gloss) in Berry would keep my lips chap-free and the perfect shade of pink for smiling at kindergartners all day:

~ A gift of Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel and body cream would keep me clean and soft and smelling nummy:

~ A bag of Scrabble tiles for crafting (and spelling!) would be a great gift any time of year...Mother's Day, Arbor Day, Fourth of July...you get the picture:

~ and finally, world peace. No biggie.

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