Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Know You're Sick (again) When...

~ You use an entire large box of opened-that-morning Kleenex before noon.

~ No matter how much you fiddle with the knobs, there is no comfortable shower temperature to be found.

~ The only thing keeping your screaming, yelling, wrestling, fussing, overly-assertive All-boy preschooler alive is the fact that you're (lucky for him) *not* the type of carnivore that eats her young.

~ You can't swallow, because it hurts. You can't blink, because it hurts. You can't breathe, because it hurts, though the blogging drive seems to keep one's typing fingers pain-free...

~ You point blank say "Excuse *you*?" to the "parent" behind you in line at WalMart (buying more Kleenex!) after you hear her repeatedly address her child as "Turd" as she tries to pry his fingers off of the candy, toys, magazines, etc.

~ It's either too hot or too cold in the house...never "just right."

~ The cat, who usually craves your constant attention, won't come near you with a ten foot pole.

~ Your cold meds and pain relief tablets start to give you heartburn at bedtime...joy.


Though there is so much in my life for which I'm thankful, this week I'm craving long term good health. This one week on, one week off routine is incredibly draining.


Check out these germs from 52 Freckles:

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