Saturday, October 11, 2008

Go For It

That's been my mantra today.

When I woke up wanting chicken corn chowder for breakfast, I told myself "just go for it." The soup was delicious.

After I finished breakfast, I got the urge to clean the whole house and start laundry, at which point my inner voice replied again with "just go for it."

My inner dialogue for the remainder of the day:

Let's check through two hundred blog posts...go for it.

Let's put on Christmas music and make a Christmas banner...go for it.

Okie dokie, laundry time again...wet clothes into the dryer, and then get back upstairs for more craft inspiration...go for it.

How about a wreath? A Halloween wreath for the living room? Go for it.

Ah, pizza rolls for lunch. I'm feeling like putting together the pennants for multiple Christmas banners. Heat up the oven and go for it.

I like go for it days. Go for it days where no one is around to tell me NOT TO.


  1. Huh, after a week of 5 year olds, getting an epidural and nerve block on my neck and back on Thursday, which gave me a massive headache on Friday- all day, MY inner voice said, "just roll over and go back to sleep..."

  2. Ouch!

    But...heh heh rolled with it, right?

  3. Oh, Michaele- your banners are quite inspiring & just adorable. Mind if I give them a try? Can you believe it's almost Christmas time? WOW! :)

  4. Oh my goodness. You need to just share some of that go for it!!! I would get soooo much done! Lol Laurie


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