Thursday, September 04, 2008

What Would I Be if I Couldn't Be a Teacher?

After the first two weeks of school, my classroom aide told me "You know, you are a good teacher."

As she has an early childhood/preschool background and loves younger children, and also has lots of experience at my new school, I realize her statement was made after careful observation and time spent adapting to my teaching style, my classroom environment, and my students' personalities for those first ten days. She is the only person at my school who has seen me teach at length so far, so her validation is extremely relevant to me.

Last Thursday, as she prepped her work area for the upcoming week, she asked me what I would have been if I couldn't have chosen to be a teacher. I told her "lots of things," which made her laugh because it sounded very much like what one of our kindergarten students would say. I asked her what she wanted to be "when she grew up" and she mentioned she had always been interested in law, and so would have become a lawyer. Our conversation continued with another one of my kindergarten colleagues, and after a bit we said goodbye for the long weekend.

What would I be?

  • A writer

  • A restaurant hostess

  • A baker

  • A crafter

  • A shop owner (books, home decor, crafting, something)

  • A librarian

  • An organizational consultant

  • A musician

  • A day care manager

  • A gardener

  • A broadcast journalist

  • A photographer

After some reflection, it turns out that I'm already dabbling in those occupations in some way, shape or form. After updating my blog subscriptions earlier in the week, it turns out that those interests are reflected in my choice of blogs and web sites to visit.

Apparently I'm going to be all of those things AND a teacher.

Just like a kindergartner!

(Heidi Goennel)


  1. As a mother & a teacher, you have undertaken 2 of the jobs that have the highest muli-tasking/labeling with them. Those two "occupations" are the do all and be all! And, you are amazing at both!

  2. Look who's talking!



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