Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask a Kindergarten Teacher, Teach 8th Graders College Level Physics, Listen to the Voice of Life

This is Clifford Stoll- some of you have taught a Clifford Stoll-type student before. Those of you who haven't, here's an eighteen-minute peek so you can prepare:


  1. Oh boy, can you imagine having him in one of your classes? Say at 5 years old? Brilliant, but if you tied him to a chair he would go nuts.

  2. Hi Earl! Hi Vickie! Thanks for dropping by~ I had a *much* calmer "big thinker" in kindergarten about nine years ago. I knew he could read when he first started kindergarten, so after the first two weeks of "settling in" was over, I screened him on a word list that spanned K-8 grade. The first word he had to sound out was... "ap... appa...apparat....apparatus... APPARATUS! Teacher, what's an apparatus?" I just smiled and told him "An apparatus is what the EMT crew is going to have to use to jump start my heart after hearing you read all of those words!"

    Without missing a beat, the student responded "Oh, so an apparatus is a machine, huh?"

    That set the tone for the remainder of the year.

    At least he didn't BOUNCE.



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