Sunday, August 24, 2008

What I've Been Flagging

My blog writing and blog reading schedule has been topsy-turvyfied for the past two weeks thanks to the start of the school year. My weekends are spent playing catch up, posting blogs to the queue and reading through NetNewsWire, flagging posts left and right that I want to return to or share. After yesterday's parent teacher conferences, Dear Daughter's last morning practice session for Freshman Volleyball (she made the team!), and another week under our belts dealing with the Toddler's transition to a babysitter, I'm hopeful that the family and I can settle into a somewhat regular and predictable routine so that I find time for the regular reading, regular posting, and regular commenting I've enjoyed for the past year. Coffee, blogs, exploration and discovery. Coffee, blogs, exploration and discovery. Coffee, blogs, inspiration(!) and discovery!
* Pulling at my heartstrings again, Poppytalk shares photos and links to an Old School Exhibition that has me wishing I had a collection of globes with which to decorate.

* The Red Bee Creativity Blog shares how to's for two Halloween make-and-take booklets here and here...

* Cakespy has me hoping a classroom mom will make ice cream cone cupcakes as a birthday treat this year...

* Hostess With the Mostess has added nummy new recipes to The Recipe Box (grown up s'mores, bread pudding with chocolate chunks and bananas, caramel nut popcorn, seared scallops with chili pepper dressing, and many more)...

* The Purl Bee shares a wonderful tutorial on how to make a fabric party banner/garland (I know, I've become banner-addicted!)

* And just in time for today's rainy day weather, The Secret Recipe Blog shares a copycat recipe for Olive Garden's Angel Hair and Three Onion Soup


Back to reading!


  1. I spend the weekend playing catch up too! Glad the routine is coming reading your wishes

  2. Hi Tracey! So glad to hear it's not just me falling behind and catching up! :) Feel free to drop by anytime!



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