Sunday, August 03, 2008


I'm ever-so-resistantly moving back to my school schedule. In bed by nine(ish), up at five(ish), out the door by seven(ish), needing another cup of coffee by three(ish). Problem is, if I drink coffee at three, I'll be exhausted but unable to get to sleep at nine.

My toddler has been *so* helpful keeping me on my school schedule over the past two weekends as well. He's awake and rarin' to go at five. Not five(ish), FIVE. Bouncing. Running. Yelling. Happy, smiling, exuberant. No coffee needed. Not a chance of sleeping in for me. I feel no guilt sending in the attack toddler to wake up Daddy and Sister at seven. NONE.


My husband took me to Lydia's last night for our anniversary dinner. Num, num, and MORE NUM! He enjoyed the bottomless pasta (the servers had a much prettier sounding name for it) and I indulged with a perfectly cooked salmon steak on a bed of Yukon Gold potatoes and (get ready to catch my mother as she faints) green beans! We had a piece of "Happy Anniversary" Tiramisu for dessert, and then attempted to burn off some calories walking through Barnes and Noble.

Finding the newest editions of Somerset's Artful Blogging, Somerset Home, and Somerset Life in stock at B-and-N also helped burn off some of our delicious dinner: jumping up and down with glee is exercise, right?


Yes, I'm heading back to my classroom today. I managed to avoid it yesterday, though I did take the kids on a bit of a drive to find another teacher store out of town, and visited Goodwill to find a reading chair. Two vests and three purses for the pretend center later, I found a sturdy yet comfortable chair. I'll be so happy when my class finally has that "all pulled together" look, ready for students with bright, shining eyes.


Speaking of bright, shining eyes, get comfy, and watch this video of Benjamin Zander, speaking about classical music and life, and think about checking the connection you have with your students when you meet them for the first week of school:


  1. Great video! Lots to think about there.

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Hi Michaele. I love your blog, and would like to "tag" you to participate in a meme on 5 things ed policymakers should know. Because I'm technologically illiterate, I can't put the link in this comment, but check out my blog (Elbows, knees, dreams) at to see my post. Thanks!

  3. I enjoyed the video too Doug- I'm looking forward to watching more TED talks as time permits.

    Kiri, you're the second person to share the meme with me, so I think it's a sign I need to participate! :) I'll probably get to it this weekend though as inservices and professional development meetings are on the agenda this week! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    "I'll be so happy when my class finally has that "all pulled together" look, ready for students with bright, shining eyes."

    Red Grammer has a song on his album "Hello World" called "Shining Eyes" I took a bunch of pictures of my kids throughout the year and created a photo collage set to the song, I then made it DVD playable and gave each child in the class a copy at the end of the year.


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